Fairfield Real Estate Broker LLC is Dubai's Foremost Brokerage, connecting international clients to the most exclusive properties in Dubai and across the globe.

To our clients we are trusted advisors, helping everyone from the first-time buyer to the seasoned seller make informed decisions.We provide the most comprehensive private client advisory services, which include strategic collaboration with developers and their architects, the creation of compelling brands and market positioning, advice on the creation of distinctive and unique marketing materials, and intelligent, honest, and experienced brokerage.

By pairing our integrated platform with unsurpassed local expertise we deliver the smartest, most sophisticated foremost real estate experience.

Why Choose Us

Built to perfection, fitted by experts

Our mission is to assist sellers and buyers in getting the best deal for properties bought and sold through us. Fairfield continuously provides clients with value, quality and comfort, as a priority when selecting a property, we therefore special attention to details, giving sincere consideration and commitment to our customers when assisting them to realise their individual self expression whether buying, selling or leasing their ideal property.

Residential Property

For All Your Residential Property Needs

Times have changed but the way we do business has not.We have and always will,continue to work hard to secure the best deal for every one of our customers.

Commercial Property

For All Your Commercial Property Needs

You may want to consider locations that are close to your customers, your home,workers vendors or suppliers – we will help you to get the best possible deal.

Sell or Rent your property

Working For You

We take the selling or renting of your property very seriously and strive to ensure that the whole process runs as smoothly as possible.